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    Warfare Game - New Ultimate Online Strategy MMORPGAfter the Third World War, massive earthquakes and tsunamis formed as a result of nuclear weapons, tearing up the continents into countless islands.
    The four powerhouse countries: America, Russia, Germany, and China; remain intact and still rule the world, and are constantly at war with one another for global dominance.
    Players begin on their own island, isolated from the throws of war after a man-made tsunami wrecked the planet during WWIII. But, after being attacked by the mysterious Dark Alliance, they become part of the conflict once again and are asked to join one of the 4 major nations.
    Players can choose from one of the three military forces (Land, Air, or Sea) and select a country to represent, then join the fight against the Dark Alliance (a group of terrorists) as well as players from other nations.

    A free-to-play online strategy game in the browser Warfare plunges players deep into the heart of war and challenges them to use team-based tactics and strategy to survive. Managing armed forces, developing a mini-country through city-building, challenging other players, and defeating the nefarious Dark Alliance is all in a day's work when it's all out Warfare!
    You have no choice but to take up arms and take this chaotic world of the free browser-based online strategy with elements of RPG. Prepare yourselves, because Warfare is coming!

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    14-02-2011, 02:57
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    BigGamer (3 December 2013 09:50)

    As for me game seems to be very interesting. I will surely try this game.
    John RPG (11 December 2013 16:58)

    So many new games this month.
    Let's get this thing rolling! Good luck guys.
    spieler (27 December 2013 21:06)

    Useful information on the game Warfare:

    When you increase your Lead for your generals, your max troops automatically increases.

    Increasing maximum troops has several factors, but Array Drilling is by far the largest with Manuals being second, most of the rest are minor:
    Main: Array Drill under the general tab.
    Equipment: Manuals from General Challenge (400, 800, 1600, 3200 etc.).
    Gems: Lead Gems (150, 300, 600 etc.).
    Unit Enhance: I think it's +500 troops by the time you get Enhance 10.
    Natural: Main Generals get tiny little natural Lead increases. Nothing much.
    Refine: Lead can be an equipment refine. Better ones available though.

    Might be others that I can't recall off the top of my head.
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