• Travian - free massively multiplayer strategic browser based game

    Travian - free massively multiplayer strategic browser based gameThis strategic browser based game takes you back to the time of Gauls, Teutons and Romans.
    In thrilling online battles players from all over the world fight against each other. As member of one of three different groups you fight for domination in the world of Travian. In the free-to-play online game Travian, you must choose which nation you will follow - be it the Romans, Teutons or Gauls.
    Romans - easiest tribe to play, highly recommended for beginners.
    Gauls - the most defense oriented tribe. Suggested for intermediate players.
    Teutons - an aggressive tribe best put to use by experienced players.

    The goal is to develop your village by producing the resources and constructing suitable buildings and military units so as to expand it by colonization and conquest and eventually be the first to finish building one of the World Wonders.
    The game takes place in a somewhat classic era and has greater emphasis on city building and management then some of its competitors which are more military focused games.

    Travian features the most progressive UI ever made for a strategy game in the browser, that supports pen and touch input, and allows one to control the massive battles with surgical precision.

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    4-02-2017, 00:23
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    strategist (17 May 2013 19:34)

    Great Game. Most RTS games are very much simplistic, and restrict the freedom of player: there are unit limits, finite resources on the map, player limits for multiplayer games. Travian lifts all of those limitations. There are no caps and limits, and the variety of possible strategies is staggering.
    Arnold Kutovsky (2 December 2013 23:02)

    Interesting strategic game. You will need to have time to play this game. Top Gamer's play this one so stay on your toes or they will farm you to no end! Good Luck!
    Aisha (29 January 2014 11:06)

    Wow this is a super fun game and I really can't believe that it is free... The graphics are not the worst, and the gameplay will get you addicted almost immediatly. A must have.
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