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    Ikariam - massively multiplayer strategic browser based gameIkariam is another one of the big browser based strategy MMOs and takes place in Greece (making it a game like Grepolis). Ikariam has also been compared to the popular MMO strategy game Travian. Like Sid Meier's Civilization, Ikariam has players begin with a small island town and build it up to a mighty empire.
    The game world is split into islands, each of which can support up to 17 players and their towns. Each island has its own saw mill for producing wood and one of the other buildings which produces a luxury resource. There are five main types of resources: Wine, Wood, Crystal Glass, Marble and Sulphur. They are available from the Vineyard, Sawmill, Crystal Mine, Quarryand Sulphur Pit respectively.

    Your town will thrive and you will overcome first hurdles very quickly if you have a pioneering spirit. A few clicks on your 3D-buildings and your loyal advisers and you will always have a good overview of the situation. Yet soon it will become harder to provide your villagers a better life with just modern buildings and inventions.
    During the online game you will definitely need a lot of building material - assign workers in order to get building material and expand the resource deposits together with the other players on the island!
    If the storage is filled out, you have the opportunity to engage in trade with other players in the marketplace. Try to bring specific commodities and you will get a decent rewards.

    The strategic game features a wide range of cartoon visuals that are offered in an isometric way. Another similarity is that this game is designed for patient gamers, as a single attack can imply months of hard work. Although players need to spend some time in order to colonize other islands or get involved in alliance wars, those who enjoy strategic games won’t be bothered by this feature.
    In order to play you only need a web browser. Join today! Play now for free.

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