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    Shards of the Dreams - free browser based MMORPGShards of the Dreams is a world above other free mmorpg games. There is no client to download so you don't have to use up space on your hard drive, and the system is maneuverable by the newest player while still being challenging to the best gamer.

    Shards of the Dreams is a culmination of the efforts of everyone in online gaming. Players today have really seen everything out there. They have gone from the first code-based games, to PSP, Xbox and PlayStation 3, which went from video games to connecting to the internet and giving the players access to the whole world, with the first free mmo (Massive Multiplayer Online) games.

    Then games came online, but at a price. In order to move the universes of the MMO games and mmorpg games on to the internet and give entry to any player with access to a computer, each game had to, at first, have its own server. Then, for the online rpg games, they needed to copy the universe and use it on different servers, separating some players in what are now called sharded universes. The hosts charged the users fees to enter the world as well as a monthly or bimonthly fee to keep it alive.

    Shards of the Dreams is not only free, it's exciting and engaging. It is not only easy to use, but it's Flash-based, which makes it compatible with any browser on any computer. This game gives us better visuals while painting a grim but elaborate fantasy world. The quests are seemingly endless, and by the time you get to the end, more have been added. Of the free online adventure games, Shards of the Dreams paints a catastrophic landscape full of monsters and magic, which is still beautiful in its dramatic artistry and precision. One more advantage of the Flash technology is that the characters and graphics maintain their clarity and visual acuity across the board, whether on a PC, laptop, MAC or mobile device.

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    29-03-2011, 04:28
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